Backyard House: Modern Home Design with Beautiful Backyard by SHED Architecture

Seattle-based architects SHED Architecture & Design has completed the Backyard House project in 2008.
Backyard House SHED Architects
This 1,960 square foot two-story residence is located in Seattle, WA, USA. This contemporary house is situated with overlooking the downtown Seattle and Elliott Bay.
Small home office Backyard House
Two-storey SHED Architecture
Contemporary living room design-interior
Backyard House, is a modern box-shape house design with square wooden tiles facade and mixture of brown and orange color for its outdoor design. The inside is a big plus also with its minimalist interior, wooden walls and cabinets, and clean marble surfaces, the contemporary feeling is only enhanced by those floor-to-ceiling windows, large spaces and the contemporary furniture. There is a nice terrace, as well as a small backyard/garden. The house is Built Green certified with the environment and a sense of community in mind. Take a look the house photos and get inspiration.
two-storey backyard house
backyard house-outdoor space
backyard house landscape
living room shed architects
wooden kitchen cabinets
bedroom design-shed architects
minimalist bathroom interior
balcony outdoor shed architects
Backyard House SHED Architecture
Backyard House SHED Architecture
Backyard House SHED Architecture
Photographs: Courtesy of SHED Architecture & Design
Source: ArchDaily

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