Contemporary Floor Lamp Stand – Nan18 by Jorg Boner and Christian Deuber

Floor Lamp Stand
Designers Jorg Boner and Christian Deuber have created this floor lamp stands for the Switzerland based manufacturer Nanoo.
Nan18, this standard lamp marks a return to the principles of classical design. The lamps comprise individual tin slats, arranged circularly to create a conic lampshade. The emergent light is soft and atmospheric. It falls as direct light through an opaque sheet of acrylic glass. Indirect light rises towards the ceiling. The arrangement of the individual slats results in the play of an atmospheric surround light on the outer shell. The lampshade stands on a stainless steel tube, which is also white. A concrete socle, either in white or naturally coloured concrete, creates the base for the standard lamp. [Read more…]

Modern Lighting Garden Pots – Llum By Vondom

Here is a interesting outdoor garden pots by Spanish company Vondom.
Llum Vondom lighting garden pots
Llum, is an innovative product line which offers the consumer a modern and stylish decoration during the day, and an unique ambient during the night. Its main feature is the lighting, with different color options appropriate for the different needs or ambiences. The internal lighting integrated in the pots’ bottom gives enough light to illuminate any garden or terrace into a relaxed, warmth and chill-out scenario. These pots are perfect for outdoors space because they are frost-resistant and can stay outside during the whole winter. [Read more…]