Modularing House Designs by A-cero Architects

Spain based architecture firm A-Cero Architects have completed the Modularing House in Madrid, Spain. The black and white interior is signature A-cero and doesn’t disappoint. A-cero’s bet for Industrialized Construction being, initially two models of house with two and three bedrooms with an extremely fitted cost and final price will be developed, very special attention is taken care of with the distribution and the inhabitable spaces.
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Simple Shaped House Design – Vivienda 19 House by A-cero Architects

Spanish architectural firm A-cero has completed the Vivienda 19 House project is located in Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid).
Shaped House Design
This contemporary two story modern residence made of clear volumes, straight lines and simples shapes.

The house’s front is made of marble travertino and there are many windows in it. Both elements give a lot of lightness to the house. It has a 1.600 m2 surface and three floors (basement, ground and high floor). The structure adapts itself to the slope ( 4000 m2) where the house is. The garage and service spaces are in the basement, while the most public spaces, lounge, dining room, living room, are in the first floor. Bedrooms and more private rooms are in the high floor. A-cero has designed also a 80 m2 spectacular and geometric swimming pool.
Vivienda 19 House A-cero Architects
Vivienda 19 House A-cero Architects
Vivienda 19 House A-cero Architects
lounge house interior
Visit the A-cero website – here.

Modern Open House: Elysium 169 House by BVN Architecture

BVN Architecture have designed the generous and open house celebrates in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. Called Elysium 169 House, its wonderful location on the edge of an environmental park overlooking Lake Weyba. The sculptured modernist expression of its white washed walls and deeply carved recesses combine with thesoftening effects of finely detailed timber screens and natural finishes for a sense of contemporary elegance and refinedunderstatement.

The interplay of natural textured surfaces and abundant natural light contribute to the rich and luxurious tropical characterof the dwelling. The careful planning arrangement enables a sense of openness and connectivity with the adjacent pooland natural garden setting.

Photography ©Christopher Frederick Jones