Stylish Rectangular Wooden Bathtub from Alegna

The Laguna Basic tub is a wonderful wooden-interior bathtub produced by Alegna, a company with a rich experience in yacht building and the processing of high-quality woods. External rectangular shape allows it to be integrated into an existing bathroom, medium-sized and large contemporary bathrooms Many other applications are conceivable too, for instance in a large yacht, in a hotel room, sauna area, in the corner of a private bathroom or wherever. [Read more…]

Attractive Round Corner Bathtubs by Albatros

corner bathtubs
Suri is the attractively rounded bathtubs from Albatros. These bathtub created with stunning design, unusual, refined and above all elegant, and a velvety feel (WhiVe). Suri have broad edge as much as 9cm wide, give this tub looks really sophisticated and provides room for bath products. These exclusive hydromassage tub equipped with 7 whirlpool jets and 12 airpool valves that when turned on gives the effects of a lymphatic drainage massage for instant relaxation. [Read more…]

Contemporary Italian Bathroom by Lasaidea

This contemporary Italian bathroom Lasaidea collection is available in 50 glossy and 50 matte colors, 10 different wood varieties. Drawer runners, drawer inners, hinges and various pieces of hardware are all high tech materials. Each collection can be composed to preference in many different combinations. For more information visit Lasaidea [Read more…]