Bright Loft Interior: Apartment Singel by Laura Alvarez Architecture

An apartment interior in Amsterdam is designed by Laura Alvarez Architecture. The apartment interior design is very cool, minimalist space.
Bright Loft-interior Apartment Singel

Alvarez says: The main idea was to transform the dark and claustrophobic existing apartment into a bright loft and at the same time bring into view special elements of the ancient building.

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Cubby House apartment by Edwards Moore

Australian studio Edwards Moore have cleverly renovated and extended an apartment in Fitzroy, Melbourne – that overlooks a public swimming pool. Called Cubby House, the project explores ideas of the interior relates back to the public view from the pool as well as from within. Featuring a raised ceiling level and an elevated kitchen floor (as part of the staircase) to allow views out and to the pool whilst cooking, with a semi-enclosed balcony performing as part of the living space. [Read more…]