Beautiful Spanish Home Design By James Glower

Spanish Home Design
This classical beauty of Spanish home style is marked by softer and more romantic overtones. Spanish homes have a classical beauty which can rarely be found elsewhere. In general, Spanish decorating incorporates earth tones with natural blue and green tones to create a space which is warm, inviting, and comfortable. This style is marked by having bold wooden furnishings that are large and prevalent throughout the space. Decorative accessories are made from thick pieces of glass or metal are heavy and oversized. [Read more…]

How to House Guests in Your Home

Twin Over Twin Bunk BedYou worked very hard to make the design of your home one that you could be proud of. After many years of turmoil and difficulty, you have a home that you can be proud of. How do you do that without cramming everyone onto the couch or sleeping next to people you really don’t want to? Here are a few answers to this pervasive problem.

Designate a guest room and buy a set of twin over twin bunk beds that fits into your decor. They are much more chic and classy than they used to be. Bunk beds have come a long way and you can get them in adult sizes so make sure to choose the right model when buying them. Most importantly, you can double your sleeping space with just that one piece of furniture that takes up no more space than a normal bed.

Don’t make anyone sleep on the couch. Don’t even consider making them sleep on a pullout couch. If you want to use the living room as a sleeping space then you should invest in a good futon. They are for more comfortable than pullout couches have ever and will ever be. [Read more…]